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How does Amplifier receive my Orders?
How does Amplifier receive my Orders?
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Orders, as the name suggests, tell Amplifier what work to perform. Usually, Orders involve Picking inventory, Packing it and Shipping it out. In many cases, Orders can also instruct Amplifier to Make goods and Personalize them, too.)

There are three primary ways to send Amplifier Orders, they are:

  1. Integrating with an Ecommerce Cart

  2. Importing Orders in a Batch

  3. Generating Orders with the "+ Order" Tool

You are not limited to a single method of Order delivery. Most customers mix and match the three options depending upon their needs at the time.

A Note About Orders

As you have seen, it's very easy to bring Orders into Amplifier. With this great power comes great responsibility. Filling Amplifier up with Orders will lead to Shipments in very short order. If you provide erroneous Order information, it can easily translate into erroneous Shipments. Though it happens infrequently, we have seen:

  • A Client upload orders with the wrong SKU which resulted in hundreds of mis-shipments

  • A Client running a Presale for Items with a "Street Date" in the future that failed to enable "Do Not Ship Until" Date and shipped too early

  • A Client create Items using One SKU only to then Import Orders with a Different SKU (which stranded the orders for weeks until they realized it)

When it comes to Merchandising and Fulfillment, Amplifier is proud to be your weapon of choice. Just remember that you are dealing with live ammunition here, and unnecessary mistakes can be costly.

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