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How do I send B2B Orders?
How do I send B2B Orders?
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For B2B orders requiring special handling, please reach out to the Amplifier Client Service team with the order data formatted in our .csv template. Because of the supplier compliance often required for B2B (Business-to-Business) delivery, it is best to avoid the automated order processing that results from using our Ecommerce, Import, or Manual Order entry options.

B2B/Wholesale orders often involve significant preparation. B2B Orders usually involve compliance work to conform shipments to the supply chain requirements of modern retailers. To prepare such shipments can take days of extra time to properly label shipments/containers/pallets and to provide the proper documentation.

Similarly, Convention Shipments may involve very explicit dock instructions, labor unions, scheduled of LTL carriers and coordination weeks ahead of the event. They also often require that we ship rigging, merch tables, and other furnishings that Amplifier stores on your behalf.

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