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What is the price of On Demand Goods?
What is the price of On Demand Goods?
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Pricing On-Demand Goods are necessarily more expensive than Bulk produced goods. For clients who -only- use Merchify, these prices are higher due to the need to recover Fulfillment, Packaging and other handling Costs. Amplifier Clients, that is, those who already have a contract for Fulfillment Services, receive lower On-Demand prices because their Fulfillment, Packaging and other costs are metered separately.

Here are our On-Demand Prices (current as of July 2015.)

In order to receive Amplifier pricing for On-Demand Goods, you must first install Merchify in your Shopify Store. Then notify Client-Service that you wish to participate in the new Merchify 2.0 program. Your account will require special configuration to ensure you receive the proper pricing and are billed correctly.

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