How do I pay for my Screen Printing?

Paying for your bulk Screen Printing Jobs

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Payment is due in full before a job begins.

You may pay for Screen Printing via your Amplifier account by credit card or ACH. See Payment Methods.

  • You will be invoiced for a job according to the parameters outlined in the Sales Order you receive after placing an order via your Amplifier account.

  • Amplifier may notice flawed garments received from manufacturers, and, while we do our best to keep defects to a minimum, the Screen Print process will inevitably produce some defective shirts. We will not charge you for these defects. You will be responsible for paying only for shirts delivered to you, and you will receive a credit for any t-shirts you paid for that were not delivered. You accept that up to 5% of any given job may be defects.

  • If you notice an issue with a print run, you must notify Amplifier Client Service within 72 hours of receiving the shirts. Amplifier does not manufacture the garments and will not be considered responsible for manufacturer’s defects, some of which will manifest only after repeated use.

  • Per Amplifier Terms, any credits will apply only to the Amplifier fees associated with that particular job, not to loss of income or any other services. Amplifier does not pay refunds; credits can be applied to future printing or other Amplifier services.

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