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Regarding estimates
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Be advised:

  • Quotes regarding shipping fees, freight or other charges given during your use of Amplifier Services are for informational purposes only and are subject to change without notice and shall not under any circumstances be binding upon Amplifier.

  • Regardless of any estimate or quote Amplifier may have shared, actuals will be billed once merchandise has been produced and/or shipments have shipped.

Also note:

  • The best way to test for freight rates is to ship actual shipments from Amplifier to a few destinations around the country and, for international projects, to destinations around the world. Only by running actual shipments through the containerization logic and carrier rating engine of Amplifier’s WMS will you see how shipments will actually ship.

  • While this testing process can take time, it is highly recommended, especially for large one-time campaigns who do not have the benefit of slowly building shipping activity over time, making adjustments as they go.

  • If your product packaging or measurements change, freight estimates related to shipping such items may no longer be valid.

  • The Dimensional Weight practices of the carriers present challenges, especially for larger shipments, and the related thresholds used by carriers are subject to change.

  • If apparel or other products are available in a range of sizes, each additional larger size risks triggering dimensional weight and other charges that can spike expenses.

  • If you are managing a crowdfunding campaign and you have yet to finalize any of the physical products involved, it is still best to ship actual samples, using the closest examples available. Otherwise, freight estimates will have less confidence.

  • Crowdfunding Fulfillment (or other one-time campaigns) requires prepayment per an estimate prepared against actual order data that you submit. If actuals exceed prepayment, additional billing will occur. If prepayment exceeds actuals billed, service credits will occur.

  • Carriers raise rates and may change related policies, typically on an annual basis though sometimes more frequently. These changes can have drastic effects. Estimates made before such changes may no longer apply to your shipments. Actuals encountered on the day of shipping will be billed.

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