Name the blank manufacturer, and we likely have a wholesale relationship with them. You have thousands of options. If you don't yet have a specific preference, we can likely recommend a great blank that fits your needs. If you do not see your desired garments in your Amplifier account, please ping Client Service.

Hold Actual Samples.

  • We recommend you confirm that you like the exact blank you choose by holding a physical sample in your own hands.
  • Amplifier will not be responsible for your not liking a blank you selected.
  • Please buy samples to make sure, and allow time for this review process in your overall schedule.

Defects are possible. 

  • While Amplifier may discover some defective t-shirts, we cannot and will not catch all defects, such as slight color issues, labeling, stitching, or other possible problems.
  • As a physical craft, Screen Printing will also inevitably produce occasional defects.
  • We recommend that you order extras for any given job to account for this likelihood.
  • You will only be pay for the t-shirts Amplifier actually delivers to you.

Care instructions:

  • Wash before wearing.
  • Machine wash cold will provide the best vibrancy and longevity.
  • Tumble dry low, especially for discharge and water-based inks.
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