Amplifier now supports customizing your Order IDs for Manual & Campaign-Created Orders.  Order IDs appear in your Invoice CSV Details.  Our new feature lets you prepend Manual and Campaign Order ID with your own designated codes that will be included in your Invoice CSV detail each billing cycle.   This means your finance team can now much more easily allocate costs to your internal Departments, Locations, Events, etc.  

Manual Orders

Add a Reference ID to your Manual Orders and we'll prepend that number to your Order ID. (Otherwise it defaults to "MAN-" for Manual Orders)


Add a unique Order Prefix to any Campaign and it will appear in your Invoice CSV details (allowing your finance team to easily allocate costs to Departments, Locations, Events, etc)

Once you make these changes, your future invoice detail CSVs will show these new customized Order IDs making it easy to associate costs internally.

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