Integrating your Shopify store with the Amplifier platform is quick and easy. First, visit You will need to provide your Shopify store URL to link your store with Amplifier. Clicking 'Link Store' will initiate installation of Amplifier's fulfillment app in Shopify.

Once installed, you will see your linked store under the 'Installed Stores' at

Next, visit your Shopify store. There will now be a new 'Inventory managed by' setting for your products,

By default, your products will start with 'Inventory managed by' Shopify. Update the 'Inventory managed by' setting to for any products you would like Amplifier to fulfill (this setting can also be updated in bulk in Shopify, as described here). Any products or product variants set to have Inventory managed by will now post to Amplifier for fulfillment once ordered by your customers (upon payment collection in Shopify). Additionally, Shopify will sync your available inventory for the product hourly.

Amplifier will also sync tracking information with Shopify for any related products we fulfill, which allows for Shopify's Shipping confirmation email to be sent to your customers automatically. Of note, the product/product variant SKU will need to match an item's SKU in your account section to sync inventory and order activity.

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