You may pay Amplifier by check, credit card, via PayPal, or by wire transfer. All payments should be made in U.S. dollars.


To pay by check, simply mail a check to Amplifier:


8015 Burleson Road
Unit 100
Austin, TX, 78744

Please write the invoice # on the memo line of your check. Please note that invoices are typically due 15 days from receipt; allow for transit time when you send your check to us to avoid paying late.

Credit Card

You can now pay for most invoices online using your credit card. Simply visit Billing and select Make Payment. There are currently no CC processing fees for daily-bill-cycle clients or for prepaid services like Screen Printing or Kitting. 


You may email a PayPal payment in U.S. dollars by emailing

Wire or ACH Transfer

You may process an ACH transfer or wire funds in U.S. dollars to Amplifier using the information below:

Domestic Bank

If your bank is a U.S. bank or has U.S. branches:

Copernica, Inc. dba Amplifier
8015 Burleson Road
Unit 100
Austin, TX, 78744

Bank: Plains Capital Bank
 Account name: Copernica, Inc.
 Account #: 310 001 1992
 Routing #: 111 322 994

International Bank

If your bank is not a U.S. bank and has no U.S. branches:

Bank: Bank of New York
 Swift Code: IRVTUS3N

For Credit To: Plains Capital Bank
 Account #: 890 058 3908

For Credit To: Copernica, Inc. dba Amplifier
 800 Interchange Blvd., Suite 102
 Austin, TX 78721

Account #: 310 001 1992

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