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How do I label Inventory destined for Amplifier?
How do I label Inventory destined for Amplifier?
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Once your first ASN has been saved, you will be returned the ASNs page. No longer empty, you will see your first ASN as "ASN #1."

This summary view presents you with:

  • ASN # - Which ASN is this (All ASNs begin as "#1")

  • SUPPLIER - Which supplier is producing this Inventory?

  • REFERENCE # - Which reference number did you include, if any

  • LAST UPDATED - The last time this ASN was changed, in this case, only second before

  • ARRIVAL DATE - When this shipment is expected to arrive at Amplifier

  • SHIPMENT STATUS - Shows "Created" because you have digitally created the shipment

  • RECEIVING STATUS - Shows "Awaiting Arrival" because our Dock is still waiting for it

Now it is time to perform the Physical labelling of your boxes and pallets. First, you must click the ASN # to open the finished ASN and generate your paperwork. As you can see, our digital record is exactly the way we created it, only presented in a more efficient format.

Once you have created an ASN and saved it, you are no longer able to EDIT its contents. (This is to prevent confusion or even falsification of information that is en route to Amplifier.)

Scroll down to the bottom of the ASN.

Three distinct actions can be performed on a Live ASN, namely:

  • VOID ADVANCED SHIPPING NOTICE - To change an ASN after saving it, void your original then create a new one.

  • PRINT PACKING SLIP - Print a packing slip of this shipment

  • PRINT BOX LABELS - Print individual Box labels for EACH container on the entire shipment.

Printing the Packing Slip

Click "Print Packing Slip" to generate a PDF summary of the ASNs contents.

Print this piece of paper. Then affix it in an (ideally) clear sleeve on the outside of BOX #1 of PALLET #1. When your inventory reaches Amplifier, our receiving crew will find this piece of paper and be able to know the contents of the entire shipment.

Printing the Box Labels

After Printing the Packing Slip and affixing it, you are ready to produce your Box labels by clicking "Print Box Labels." This process will produce a PDF of Box labels (one to a page.) They look like this:

Print each Box Label, and affix it to the corresponding box of inventory. So for Box 1 of Pallet 1, you will need to attach this printout securely to that specific Box. Note that your Box Labels include the SKU, the # of Units in the Box as well as the Pallet #.

In many cases, suppliers creating ASNs already have Label Printers loaded with 4"x6" adhesive label stock on rolls.

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