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Merchandise Production Policy
Merchandise Production Policy
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This Merchandise Production Policy (“Policy”) is incorporated into the Amplifier terms of service as published on the Amplifier website (“Terms”). The Terms shall control in the event of any conflict or inconsistency between this Policy and the Terms. All capitalized terms not otherwise defined in this Policy will have the meaning given them in the Terms.

1. Bulk Production. Rates and turnaround times for any Bulk Production (including without limitation Screen Printing of apparel but also mugs, posters, and any other items ordered in bulk) are quoted by the job per prevailing conditions at that time. Equipment availability, blank availability, and other factors cannot be guaranteed in advance. Turnaround time cannot be and is not guaranteed.

2. On-demand Production. Subject to the Order Conveyance Policy, Amplifier will produce certain inventory for you either (i.) when specifically requested to by you, or (ii.) when your customers place an order for on-demand merchandise (such inventory specified here in (i) and (ii),“On-Demand Inventory”). Title to On-Demand Inventory will pass to you upon completion of production. Amplifier agrees to produce the On-Demand Inventory in a commercially reasonable period of time.

3. On-Demand Inventory. Amplifier is responsible for securing blanks and components for On-Demand Inventory. Amplifier will own these items until they are used for production of On-Demand Inventory for you. Amplifier makes no guarantee regarding the availability of blank or component inventory for use in production of On-Demand Inventory (including without limitation, inks, paper and other printable materials, blank t-shirts, blank mugs, or any other items used to produce, or that are included in completed, On-Demand Inventory) (collectively, “On-Demand Components”) from suppliers and agrees to make good-faith efforts to help you resolve any supply-chain issues that might arise with respect to such items.

4. Fees. You agree to pay Amplifier for production of On-Demand Inventory per the rates specified in the Pricing Page. Receiving and Storage charges do not apply to On-Demand Inventory unless you specifically request Amplifier to store On- Demand Inventory items rather than ship them directly to you or your customers, in which case the Receiving Fee and Storage Fee as set forth on the Pricing Page shall apply. Fulfillment fees and surcharges as well as freight charges will apply to all shipments of On- Demand Inventory.

5. No Returns. Amplifier does not support Returns for On-demand Items that you sell or offer. These On-demand items should be offered on an “All Sales Final” Basis. If you want to offer an exchange, you should request via your Amplifier account another order of an on-demand item.

6. Third Parties. You acknowledge that Amplifier may outsource production to third parties.

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