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How long does Receiving take?
How long does Receiving take?

hours and timing for compliant, non-compliant, expedited, and late deliveries

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What are your receiving hours?

Our receiving dock accepts deliveries 8AM - 5PM, Monday through Friday, holidays excepted.

How quickly do you receive inventory?

We usually receive routing-guide-compliant deliveries within 1-2 business days after the date of delivery. If your delivery does not comply with our Routing Guide, the receiving time will depend on the level of non-compliance and other receiving activity. It is not uncommon for non-compliant inventory to take weeks to be received as it will always be deprioritized over compliant deliveries.

We strongly urge that you and your suppliers ship inventory properly as defined in our Supplier Routing Guide.

What if I need Expedited Receiving?

Under normal circumstances, when inventory arrives in a compliant state it is received quickly. When inventory is non-compliant, Amplifier must perform additional work to make the inventory ready to pick. A very common example of a non-compliant delivery is when a supplier ships us T-Shirts arrive that are not folded, bagged and/or barcoded. Amplifier usually performs the additional work to make the inventory compliant and then assesses the Client a Make Ready fee.

In the event that a Client needs non-compliant inventory received on an expedited basis, Amplifier may forego Make Ready work requirements. But in any event that this exception is granted, the Client will be assessed a per/unit fee equivalent to the unperformed Make Ready work for receiving non-compliant inventory.

What if my delivery to Receiving is later than the ASN's Estimated Arrival date?

We will keep undelivered ASNs 'Awaiting Arrival' for two weeks after the estimated delivery date. If an ASN remains 'Awaiting Arrival' after that time it will be closed. Any subsequent delivery referencing the closed ASN may be considered non-compliant and could be subject to the non-compliant receiving timeframe.

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