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What are Amplifier's different Plans?
What are Amplifier's different Plans?
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Amplifier Plans are built for clients at all stages of their development.   Choose a plan that meets your needs. You can always upgrade your plan when you're ready for the next level.   All plans include both fulfillment and shipping to over 200 countries in the world.


Starter is our Print on Demand only plan. You can offer your own branded printed goods with no inventory risk.  In addition, Starter includes robust order management features that allow you to Create, Cancel, Edit, Import, and Manage your orders.   Tracking numbers (where applicable) provided as well as integration with most popular online stores including Shopify. 


Standard adds support for stocked goods to the mix.  This is very useful as you grow, allowing you to lower your product costs by producing your most popular goods in higher volumes. Since STANDARD enables both Print on Demand and Stocked goods to ship from the same facility (usually in the same shipment) you can avoid paying double postage/fulfillment like you would with most other "drop ship" print-on-demand providers.  


Pro incorporates all of the above and adds API/Webhooks and enables you to run merchandise Campaigns. If you have ever wanted an easy way to enable merchandise fulfillment WITHOUT ecommerce, Campaigns is for you.

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For a full breakdown of the various plan features, see our Pricing Page.  

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