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Can I store inventory at Amplifier?
Can I store inventory at Amplifier?
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Before Sending

After Arrival

  • For every SKU you keep in stocked-goods storage (i.e. this doesn't apply to On-Demand goods), Amplifier will have a fixed location in the forward pick area, basically bins on shelves. We roll up all the space required for pallets and bins holding your inventory and assess storage charges accordingly.

  • The layout and method of storage of your inventory will be set up at Amplifier’s sole discretion to facilitate warehousing and fulfillment. 

  • While your pallets will likely start out entirely full, they will not remain so over time as Amplifier moves inventory from pallets in Overflow to shelves in Forward Pick. 

  • Your future deliveries of inventory, though, will likely help to “top off” your existing pallet locations because Amplifier may stock more than one SKU on a given pallet. Every pallet in our warehouse should contain inventory from only one client.

  • If partial pallets or non-palletized cases of new inventory arrive, they will generally be added to existing pallets first, if possible. 

Storage Charges

  • You will be charged Storage based on the cubic volume required by the locations in the warehouse used to store your inventory. 

  • Cubic volume is expressed as the number of pallets and pallet-equivalent usage.

  • Amplifier pallets are usually 48" x 40" x 50" tall. "Pallet equivalent usage" simply means that not all of your inventory will be stored in cases stacked on pallets; some will be stocked in bins on shelves.

  • Storage usage is assessed daily and invoiced periodically.

  • Amplifier offers two types of Storage: Standard and Climate-controlled. Standard is $30 per pallet (and pallet equivalent) per month, and Climate-controlled is $45.

SKU Storage Charges

  • Like Storage, SKU Storage Fees are assessed daily and invoiced periodically.

  • The SKU Storage Fee is $1 per month for each SKU kept in storage at Amplifier. This service applies only to stocked-goods inventory, not On-Demand Products.

Long Term Storage

Amplifier is not a facility built to store non-moving or ultra low-velocity inventory.  In keeping with industry best practices, Amplifier performs an annual assessment of client inventory to identify excessive quantities of non-moving inventory. In such instances, you would have three options:

  • Ship the non-moving inventory to yourself

  • Ship the non-moving inventory to a different storage facility

  • leave it at Amplifier under a Long Term Storage Rate of $50/month/pallet.

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