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How Do I Integrate My Online Store?
How Do I Integrate My Online Store?
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Integrating your online store with our platform is the easiest way to send your order data to Amplifier.

We currently offer integration with:

We are continuously expanding our integrations. If you don't see yours, please contact us to discuss your preferred platform.

How To Integrate

You may connect Amplifier and your Shopify store here:

For all other integrations, please contact Client Service.

Integration Points

Depending upon the degree of integration available for your preferred commerce platform, Amplifier can synchronize:

  • Orders: Delivers your online store orders to Amplifier, usually in real time;

  • Inventory: Receives continuously-updated inventory levels from our Warehouse. Amplifier's WMS is the system of record for all inventory levels and supplies your store with the latest counts (at least once a day.)

  • Shipment Status: Upon shipping, Amplifier updates your online store with tracking numbers for all shipments. In most cases, this Shipment Status synchronization can also trigger your ecommerce platform to send automatic shipment-confirmation emails to customers.

Additional Methods To Transit Order Data

In addition to ecommerce integration, Amplifier clients may also:

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