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Order Conveyance Policy
Order Conveyance Policy
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This Order Conveyance Policy (“Policy”) is incorporated into the Amplifier terms of service as published on the Amplifier website (“Terms”). The Terms shall control in the event of any conflict or inconsistency between this Policy and the Terms. All capitalized terms not otherwise defined in this Policy will have the meaning given them in the Terms.

1. Order Conveyance. You or your representative(s) will maintain your ecommerce or other system for taking orders from end customers and will be responsible for timely delivering and conveying to Amplifier the data necessary for the processing and fulfillment of order shipments.

2. Specifications. Amplifier will supply you with the specifications for the manner, timing, and format of the delivery and conveyance of order data (the“Order Conveyance Process”). You may also use the tools available in your Amplifier account, and Amplifier offers additional tools such as the Amplifier API, a Shopify app, integrations with software like Yahoo Store, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc. If orders require a different form of order transmission data to Amplifier, then setup and additional charges may apply, and Amplifier does not guarantee that it can receive order data outside of the Order Conveyance Process.

3. Client responsibilities. Amplifier will rely on you for the accuracy and completeness of order data. If you alter your ecommerce or other order system such that Amplifier must perform technical services, including, without limitation, programming or database work, you agree to pay Amplifier the Tech Rate as defined in the Pricing Page for such services. You also agree to pay Amplifier at the Technical Hourly Rate for any work that Amplifier must perform with respect to order data that is not in conformance with the Order Conveyance Process. If order data is not in conformance with the Order Conveyance Process, Amplifier will notify you and allow you reasonable opportunity to correct such non-conformance and cause the order data to conform to the Order Conveyance Process before Amplifier begins technical services that will result in hourly charges to you. However, Amplifier’s shipping obligations with respect to any Client Inventory ordered pursuant to order data that is not in conformance with the Order Conveyance Process will be suspended until such order data fully conforms with the Order Conveyance Process.

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