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How does Amplifier help me manage my inventory?
How does Amplifier help me manage my inventory?
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Your Amplifier account includes powerful tools that help you manage inventory, including:

Real-time Inventory Reporting

  • Amplifier’s Warehouse Management System is the best-of-breed SCALE from Manhattan Associates, Gartner Group’s Magic Quadrant selection for 10+ years running. 

  • Through your Amplifier account, you can always see by SKU the quantity On Hand, Available, Committed, and Expected. See here.

Inventory Controls

  • Your Amplifier account also enables you to set Low Level, Safety Stock, Presale Dates, and other important parameters for every SKU. 

  • We also have Zapier triggers available so that you can set up notifications and alerts related to these parameters.

Ecommerce Integrations

  • While your ecommerce shop knows what it has sold, Amplifier is your authoritative document of record for all inventory transactions, so we update your shop automatically, helping you reduce if not eliminate back orders.

  • We have integrations with Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and more.

On-Demand Production

  • Amplifier On-Demand lets you produce a physical product only after a customer has ordered it from you. You do not have to place any bulk orders ever. 

  • While On-Demand costs more per unit to produce than bulk production, it has the advantage of removing inventory risk completely. 

  • And via Amplifier, On-Demand is fully integrated with your other stocked-goods Inventory, so you can ship orders to your customers containing inventoried and on-demand goods in the same shipment.

Supplier Tools

  • Amplifier clients enjoy total freedom over their supply chains. 

  • Our clients invite their Suppliers to log into Amplifier, and these Suppliers fill out Advanced Shipment Notifications, informing both Amplifier and our client how much of which SKUs are inbound. 

  • In addition, Amplifier tools help Suppliers generate item bar codes, carton labels, pallet labels, and more. 

  • Helping your Suppliers organize inbound deliveries improves your inventory accuracy and reliability overall.

Receipt Scoring

  • Amplifier scores every delivery of inventory from 1 to 5 stars, reflecting the degree to which that delivery complied with the Routing Guide. 

  • These scores are published via Amplifier accounts for both our clients and their suppliers. 

  • When suppliers follow the routing guide, inventory accuracy is improved.

Presales Support

  • Presales let you place the largest order, achieving the best volume discount you can, backed by the full confidence of actual demand. See here.

  • This feature pairs especially well with Amplifier bulk production such as Screen Printing, Sticker Printing, and Laser Engraving. 

Slow- and Non-Moving Reports

  • Twice a year, Amplifier will share with clients a report revealing SKUs that are slow- or non-moving. Amplifier will prepare orders for moving applicable inventory to  Long-Term Storage, and Clients may confer with Client Service regarding next steps.

Please use all of the above tools to manage your inventory.
Ping Client Service at with questions.

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