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How do I create a Manual Order?
How do I create a Manual Order?

Sending out orders from Amplifier easily.

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To create a single order outside of your ecommerce channel, use our handy Manual Order feature. You can create your own order in three simple steps.

  1. Click the new "+ Order" Button at the top right of your ORDERS page

  2. Fill out Sender, Recipient, Order Details and Shipment Details

  3. Click "Place Order" and away we go!

When building your order, you will only be able to add items that are in stock. Conveniently, you will be presented with availability information when searching for SKU or item name under Order Details. Within the Shipment Details, you can set a "Target Ship Date", which allows you to hold an order for fulfillment until the Target Ship Date is reached. Once the target ship date is reached, PRESTO, we will ship your order. Orders placed via the "+ Order" function will appear in your orders section with Amplifier as the order source.

Much like a shopping cart, Create Orders collects Sender, Recipient, Order Contents and the Shipping Details.

As soon as you provide everything needed, we will ask you to confirm your Order. Once you do it is live and will be acted upon like any other order.

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