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Order Desk: Our Shopify Integration
Order Desk: Our Shopify Integration
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To connect to your store, Amplifier uses the Order Desk integration.

What are some of the benefits for you?

  • You can declare an order import delay (1-24 hours) which will allow you to utilize Shopify upsell apps and increase sales.

  • Integrate more than one store with one API key and order source (you can view Order Desk integration offerings here), and no extra cost to you!

  • Allow you to utilize Shopify-offered payment terms (likely in use for your wholesale orders) without utilizing services like AfterPay and without preventing order conveyance until full payment is made.

  • You can create Print-on-Demand designs with Amplifier’s platform. Adding them to your Shopify involves an additional (simple) step.

How does the integration work?

  • If you’d like to understand the Shopify to Order Desk integration process, you can review their guide here.

What if I prefer to send orders via API instead?

  • You are welcome to do so! Please review our API help article here.

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