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This Storage Policy (“Policy”) is incorporated into the Amplifier terms of service as published on the Amplifier website (“Terms”). The Terms shall control in the event of any conflict or inconsistency between this Policy and the Terms. All capitalized terms not otherwise defined in this Policy will have the meaning given them in the Terms.

1. Suitability of Storage. You stipulate that Amplifier’s facility is suitable for storage of Client Inventory. You are aware that Amplifier’s facility offers space that is not climate controlled and space that is climate controlled. You agree that it is your responsibility to inform Amplifier of the climate needs of Client Inventory, and you agree not to hold Amplifier liable for any effect on Client Inventory related to environmental conditions in Amplifier’s facility. By default, Amplifier will assume your inventory should be stored in non-climate-controlled locations unless you inform Amplifier otherwise.

2. Inventory Disclaimers. Amplifier is not the importer of record for Client Inventory stored at Amplifier. At no time will title to any of Client’s Inventory be deemed to pass to Amplifier. Amplifier is not the Merchant of Record for any of your inventory. Amplifier shall not be held liable for complying with your instructions through the Amplifier Services. You understand that Amplifier does not inspect your goods nor does Amplifier take responsibility for the business decisions that you make and implement through the Amplifier Services. Amplifier is also not liable for damage to Client Inventory caused by you or your representatives, and Amplifier is not responsible for breakage or loss of items during transit that have been picked and packed by Amplifier.

3. Risk of Loss. Except as otherwise stated in the Terms, your use of the Services to store Client Inventory is at your own risk and you agree that Amplifier will have no liability whatsoever for any loss or destruction of or damage to your Inventory or Amplifier’s failure to perform the Services. You also waive the right to recover damages from Amplifier for any loss of use of the Client Inventory or loss of income therefrom. You acknowledge that Amplifier does not carry coverage to insure against any such loss or damage of Client Inventory and that securing such insurance coverage is your responsibility.

4. Storage Rate and SKU Support Rate. Amplifier will assess storage fees at the Storage Rate and SKU Support Rate as defined in The Pricing Page for Client Inventory, including partial pallets and shelved inventory, stored or housed by Amplifier. The layout and method of storage of Client Inventory will be set up at Amplifier’s sole discretion to facilitate the Services described herein. You acknowledge that Amplifier is not intended to be a long-term storage solution for inventory or items that rarely move. If inventory sits in an Amplifier facility for one year (365 calendar days), you agree to the Long-term Storage Rate for that inventory, as outlined in the Pricing Page for such inventory.

5. Special Storage Requirements. If either you or a governmental or regulatory body imposes special restrictions regarding the storage of certain Client Inventory, you agree that Amplifier may increase its Standard Storage Rate with respect to such Client Inventory.

6. Limited Access to Inventory. Once inventory is received by Amplifier, such inventory is unavailable for inspection, exchange or pickup without an outbound shipment including handling fees. Amplifier facilities are not open to the public, and you are only permitted to visit any Amplifier warehouse per Amplifier’s approval.

7. Disposal. Disposal of your merchandise may be subject to additional handling and fees, in general like a normal outbound order. However, inventory requiring inspection or inventory that needs additional handling prior to disposal may incur additional handling charges. Amplifier at its discretion may refuse to accept a disposal order. A sufficient available balance is needed to cover the cost of handling plus any additional fees. Storage and SKU fees will be assessed until all inventory is either disposed of or shipped out.

Long Term Storage Policy

July 27, 2016

Amplifier is updating our policies with respect to long term storage. We are not a facility built to store non-moving or ultra low-velocity inventory. In keeping with industry best practices, Amplifier will be performing an annual assessment of client inventory to identify excessive quantities of non-moving inventory. We will offer you the option of:

  • shipping the inventory to you

  • shipping the inventory to a different storage facility

  • leaving it at Amplifier under a Long Term Storage Rate of $50/month/pallet

Less than 5% of total client inventory is currently estimated to be subject to Long Term Storage fees, it's not expected to materially impact most clients. Those subject to Long Term Storage fees will be notified with the total number of pallets subject to Long Term Storage fees. These changes will become effect September 1, 2016. In certain cases, Amplifier may elect to move inventory to another secure location for Long Term Storage. In such instances, the Inventory will still be visible inside the Amplifier platform, but retrieval may involve delays.

We strongly recommend exploring storage solutions such as FLEXE if you have more than 50 pallets of non-moving inventory.

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