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What is an Oversize Item?
What is an Oversize Item?
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Amplifier may use carts, conveyors, and other means to handle picked items efficiently. Certain items are too large, heavy, and/or unwieldy to convey through our warehouse by the standard means.

Oversize Item Handling is a service that will automatically trigger based on the Item's Unit of Measure ("IUM") for each client product in a ready-to-ship state (excluding the shipping container itself).

Any product (or Carton or Inner Pack of products when treated as a single picked item) will be subject to the Oversize Item Handling Fee if any of the following criteria are met:

  • any dimension (Length, Width or Height) is greater than or equal to 18 inches, or 45.7 cm;

  • weight greater than or equal to 5 lbs. or 2.27 Kg;

  • the sum of Length + Width + Height is greater than or equal to 40 inches, or 101.6 cm.

Also note:

  • Amplifier already charges Make Ready and Packaging Fees for standard posters, prints, maps, etc. which often may have dimensions greater than 24" and generally ship rolled in tubes. Dedicated processes for these items help them still convey efficiently. No additional Oversize Item Handling Fees will be charged for these standard posters, prints, maps, etc.

  • Amplifier further reserves the right to charge additional handling fees, subject to notifying Client, for especially large, heavy and/or unwieldy items (including extra large posters, thick rolled products such as welcome mats, etc.)

  • Per the Item Eligibility Policy, Amplifier may decide to support, not support, or withdraw prior support for particular Oversize Products in its sole discretion.

  • In addition, it may take 3 to 5 weeks for Amplifier to enable support for Oversize Products, in particular for especially large, heavy, and/or unwieldy items because handling these items may require new packaging, material-flow gear, and more, which take time to procure, test, and validate.

  • Finally, Amplifier may require that certain Oversize Products be kitted in batches in advance of fulfillment such that they can then ship separately in their kit container. Amplifier will make these determinations in consultation with clients on a product-by-product basis.

Early communication and coordination is helpful and important so please discuss Oversize Products with and provide details to Client Service well in advance of ordering them from a Supplier or providing an ASN in advance of shipment. It is also advised that you not sell Oversize Products to customers until you have shipped a sample shipment to yourself to confirm readiness.

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