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What is Bulk Handling?
What is Bulk Handling?

an Amplifier feature that handles inventory by the carton and inner pack

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Amplifier’s scalable, versatile, and innovative logistics platform affords you:

  • Four Account Plans: Pick the best fit and change any time.

  • Pay-as-you-go: Simple usage-based pricing means you aren’t locked into big contracts.

  • Volume Discounts: Fulfillment fees decrease as you ship more each month.

  • Bulk Production and Kitting: You can also grow into larger Screen Print orders and Kitting projects, which further improve unit economics.

In addition, Amplifier Fulfillment offers a great feature called Bulk Handling, which can help you lower costs and more easily manage your inventory.

  • An Inner Pack or Full Carton of a particular SKU can count as a single Item Picked at the Fulfillment Fee Bulk Pick Rate.

  • For example, a Carton of 30 books can be picked as a single item picked, not 30.

  • An order of 45 units of that same book can count as 16 items picked, not 45.

  • The same principle can apply to Inner Packs, e.g a bag of 50 stickers from a box of 500 stickers, of 10 such inner packs.

  • All inventory movement of this item is still tracked under a single SKU, making monitoring, managing, and ordering this inventory much easier for you and your team.

  • This feature is especially useful for clients who operate major retail and/or event channels in parallel to their direct ecommerce and marketing efforts.

  • This feature may also be paired with Kitting, i.e. kits can consume Inner Packs where appropriate, e.g. an inner pack of 50 stickers included in a Meetup Kit.

To leverage Amplifier’s Bulk Handling feature, every unit of a given SKU must:

  • arrive in and utilize the same packaging (because the cartons must all weigh the same and have the same dimensions)

  • always have the same quantity per box or inner pack, and this figure must remain uniform across time;

  • In addition, for Inner Packs, only boxes and bags are supported. Rubber bands, string, and other such methods tend to fail over time.

Please also note:

  • Bulk Handling is a feature only offered to Pro accounts. Please see Account Plans.

  • It is likely that your Cartons and perhaps your Inner Packs may qualify as Oversize Items. See “What is an Oversize Item?

  • SKUs that are use this feature are also treated as Special SKUs w/r/t SKU Support Fees. Please see “Can I store inventory at Amplifier?” for more on the SKU Support Fee.

  • Inventory treated as individual units versus inner packs versus cartons will be stored inside Amplifier in different pallet locations. This may impact your Storage cost.

  • The provision of this feature is offered on a Best Efforts basis and is not guaranteed.

To request this feature and get started, please contact Client Service at

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