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How do I add an Item/SKU to Amplifier?
How do I add an Item/SKU to Amplifier?
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Before Amplifier can ship Orders for you, you need to tell us just what might be IN those orders. You do this by Adding Items.

Adding Items One At A Time

If you only plan on selling a few products, this is the easiest way.

1. Click the orange "+ Item" located in top right corner.

Then fill out the required fields.

When Adding Items, you must provide accurate information. Giving Amplifier bad data can result in expensive consequences – a typo on the SKU Field could result in the wrong item shipping out! Once you finish Adding your ITEM, Amplifier will let you review it before saving it.


Review Your Item: Certain Fields such as "SKU" are mandatory.

If everything looks good, you will be allowed to CREATE ITEM. Congratulations, your ITEM is live. You've just taken your first step into a larger world.

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