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Can I edit or cancel orders?
Can I edit or cancel orders?
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Orders are usually editable or cancellable up until they reach the warehouse floor.

Cancel Orders

To cancel an Order, first open the specific order. If it's eligible, a "Cancel Order" button will be displayed above the Order contents.

Simply click "Cancel Order." Once the process is complete, your Order will be updated with a Cancelled status. It will not be moved to the warehouse floor for picking, and all inventory allocated to the order will be made available for future orders.

Edit Orders

As of March 2024, you can now directly edit key order details before shipping. Edits are made by clicking the pencil icon in the appropriate section.

Currently, you can edit:

  • Customer Details

  • Shipping Address Information

  • Billing Address Information

  • Shipping Method

  • Allow Partial Shipment

Note: You cannot currently directly edit Order line items.

Duplicate Orders

If you need to change the Line Items of an Order, you'll need to use the Duplicate Order feature.

Duplicate Order creates a copy as a draft Manual Order, allowing you to add, remove, or change the line item quantities of the new order. Once you've finished modifying the Duplicate Order, you can elect to Keep & Ship or Cancel the original order.

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