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What is the Amplifier Routing Guide?
What is the Amplifier Routing Guide?
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Routing Guides provide explicit shipping instructions to anyone sending Amplifier inventory. This comprehensive document explains:

1. General Requirements

1.1 Delivery Address
1.2 Receiving Appointments
1.3 Receiving Hours
1.4 Reasons for Delivery Refusal
1.5 Reasons for Receiving Delays
1.6 Barcode Requirement

2 Item Level Requirements

2.1 Item Labels
2.2 Pick-Ready Items

3 Carton Requirements

3.1 Packing Requirements
3.2 Carton Design Requirements
3.3 Carton Sealing Requirements
3.4 Carton Labeling Requirements

4 Pallet Requirements

4.1 Pallet Packing
4.2 Pallet Condition
4.3 Pallet Labeling

5 Documentation Requirements

5.1 Packing Lists

6 Creating a Supplier Compliant Shipment

Please make sure anyone in your company and all of your suppliers have a copy of the latest edition of Amplifier's Routing Guide here.

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