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Can I order Screen Print Samples?
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Can I order Screen Print samples?


All printing techniques (e.g. Screen Printing with Plastisol or discharge or water-based inks or foil; Direct-to-Garment printing; etc.) are art forms that contend with color differences between computer screens and various physical forms interacting with different inks.

As such, ordering samples can help ensure that your art and colors translate to ink on fabric per your expectations. Some clients will pursue samples for the first few runs until they become comfortable with how their art translates to print, and then they rely on Remote Press Checks going forward.

How To Order a Sample Run

For samples, simply place a Screen Print order via the Designs section of your Amplifier account as you would for any production run:

  • Any Screen Print run of fewer than 100 shirts is charged a surcharge of $100 + the 100-unit price for each shirt printed. Art / Color Separation charges may also apply.

  • A Sample run takes the same amount of time as any Screen Print run, determined on a job-by-job basis, often 7-10 days for a one-location print, with additional days required for additional locations and finishing services.

Please note that:

  • Amplifier is not responsible for your liking the garment you selected or for how particular inks interact with the fabric chosen. With Screen Printing, subjective factors are always in play. While we are happy to help, please research blanks to make your own decisions.

  • Blank samples are also available for purchase, sometimes from Amplifier and always from manufacturers and distributors.

On-demand Production Samples

For any Amplifier On-Demand product, simply Create the Item via your Amplifier account (in the Designs section), and then place an order for that item (in the Orders section). These orders will require the normal time for production, fulfillment, and transit.

DTG for a Screen-Print Shirt

Sometimes clients will create an On-demand / DTG shirt of the same art to be screen printed and then place an order for that shirt to have one on hand. Typically, these DTG shirts are used in promotional videos or photos to feature the new shirt which will later be screen printed. Since DTG and Screen Print are such different processes, though, a DTG shirt should not be used as a true representation of the art via the Screen Printing process.

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