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What Ink and Finishing Options Do I Have?
What Ink and Finishing Options Do I Have?
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  • Plastisol ink is often used. It is a little thicker, rougher, more opaque, and helpful on blends in particular.

  • Water-based inks are best for white and light-colored shirts. The inks are dyed into the fabric in contrast to Plastisols, which sit on the fabric. As such, water-based inks can differ slightly in appearance from job to job, even on the same blanks. Because these inks take on color from the blank, white will shift to light gray, for example. You agree that such instances represent acceptable goods.

  • Discharge is an ink that interacts with cotton fiber dyes to remove pigment from the garment. We can use discharge ink instead of white underbase to achieve a softer hand.

Finishing Services

Tag Removal

  • Some blanks offer tearaway tags, which we recommend for tag removal.

  • If you ask Amplifier to cut out a non-tearaway tag, you acknowledge that a tail of tag fabric may remain in the garment.

  • In addition, if you tear out the tag, you should have Amplifier print an Inside-the-Collar Label. See below.

Inside-the-Collar Label

You can have Amplifier print inside-the-collar labels to brand your shirts:

  • If you tear out the tag, also include the Country of Origin and the fabric, e.g. 100% cotton or etc. Here are the official requirements.

  • The art must be 1-color, up to 3” x 3”. These labels may show through to the back of a shirt for white or light garments.

Fold Bag and Barcode

Folding, Bagging, and Barcoding looks great and is required for apparel that will go into inventory at Amplifier.

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