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What does Screen Printing cost?

Amplifier Screen Printing pricing data and options

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Several factors drive Screen Print pricing:

  • the blank you choose,

  • your art’s number of print colors,

  • the number of locations we print on your t-shirts, e.g. front, back, or sleeve,

  • the total number of units you order in the job,

  • the time allowed, and

  • optional finishing and other services you select.

For example, printing an 8-color design on the front and a 3-color design on the back of 100 expensive blanks will cost more per t-shirt than a job that prints a 1-color design on 1,000 less expensive t-shirts.


  • can order Screen Printing and receive initial estimates in your Amplifier account;

  • will have the opportunity to review and approve a Sales Order before each job begins;

  • can ask Amplifier Client Service questions any time.


  • includes all setup and flash charges in the per-shirt Screen Print price;

  • has no minimums;

  • assesses a $100 surcharge for jobs of fewer than 50 shirts.

Can I receive Volume Discounts for larger orders?

Yes, if you place larger orders, you will receive volume discounts at these breaks:

  • 50 shirts

  • 100 shirts

  • 200 shirts

  • 500 shirts

  • 1,000 shirts

  • 2,000 shirts

  • 5,000 shirts

If you need an even larger print run, let us know. We have printed jobs as large as 80k, 50k, and many 30 and 20k jobs.

What constitutes a job?

Volume Discounts and turnaround times apply to a given job:

  • A job requires only one setup of screens and inks.

  • If art is different or differently sized, each set of art will require its own job.

  • Using different color inks to print the same art can also require a different job.

  • In addition, different styles or colors of t-shirt typically require different jobs.

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