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Merchify Sunsetting FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about the sunsetting of our Merchify App for Shopify

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In 2013, Amplifier released Merchify as a prototype for the Shopify App Store. Merchify quickly proved a hit and we began developing a much more powerful app to integrate Print-on-Demand with traditional Stocked-Goods fulfillment.  Our new “Amplifier” app launched this year and offers:

  • New Apparel Blanks & Colors

  • Print-on-Demand Stickers

  • Optional Screen Printing

  • Order cancellation features

  • New shipping options

  • Optional Stocked-Goods Integration (on Paid Plans)

  • Volume fulfillment discounts for power shippers

We will be sunsetting the Merchify app as of September 1st and encourage everyone to signup for Amplifier before then. If you only need Print-on-Demand, we recommend our free Light Plan.


Why sunset Merchify?

Merchify was a proof-of-concept and its codebase was relatively simplistic. Once it proved a success, we knew we wanted to rebuild these features inside our much larger and vastly more sophisticated Amplifier Platform.  

Can I move my Merchify print-on-demand designs to Amplifier?

We don't have an automatic way to import your Merchify designs but you can upload your original artwork to Amplifier's new Print-on-Demand builder.  If you are actively selling (i.e. have consistent orders for Merchify products) then our team may be able to help you migrate to Amplifier.

How does Amplifier pricing work?

Merchify pricing is completely bundled.  It is simple but it's also unfortunately simplistic.  Amplifier pricing is unbundled.  Charges are still assessed daily but you're provided with a much more granular pricing and a lot more options.  (For example, you can mix different freight methods.  Your packaging and fulfillment are metered separately.  Certain Plans allow you to do things like include "Drop Ins" on your shipments or even use your own Custom Packaging for your shipments.)  All of these capabilities require a la carte billing.  Fortunately, almost all Amplifier pricing is public.
And once you signup for Amplifier, you can receive access to our different freight pricing tables.  

What is special about Amplifier's platform?
Amplifier delivers very high quality Print-on-Demand goods with very good visibility and usually better than average production times.  We also offer unique products like Print-on-Demand kiss-cut vinyl laminated stickers.  Most notably, Amplifier has seamlessly integrated Print-on-Demand with traditional Ecommerce Fulfillment.  That means that clients who choose Amplifier to handle their Stocked Goods Fulfillment can enjoy the benefit of integrated Print-on-Demand.  You can send us inventory printed anywhere and we'll warehouse it and ship it out for you along with your Print-on-Demand goods. When your customers order a Print-on-Demand item with a Stocked Good, Amplifier usually ships in the same shipment.  This eliminates the excess costs incurred when your drop-shipping

What is included in the paid plans for Amplifier? 

Amplifier's paid plans include additional print-on-demand options (bigger sticker sizes, imminent laser-engraving, coasters, etc.) as well as a more powerful features for mature sellers.  Our free plan ("Light") includes all that Merchify offers and much more.

When is Merchify being Sunsetted?

September 1, 2019.

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