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Will Amplifier store and ship my vinyl records?
Will Amplifier store and ship my vinyl records?
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Amplifier has stored and shipped vinyl records for years.

Vinyl records require Climate-controlled Storage.

  • These items will ship in their own shipping containers (typically, the 12.5” x 12.5” x 1” box shown here) and will not be packed with other kinds of products. This practice will have implications for your freight and fulfillment charges.

  • If your vinyl records require Custom Packaging, additional rates may apply, and Amplifier operations may require several weeks to research and adopt. For background, you may read this related article.

  • Client Service can share freight information with you regarding shipments of vinyl records. Email with any questions.

You may add vinyl records to your catalog; add suppliers; and send in such inventory any time. These products are fully supported.

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