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HS Code Requirements
HS Code Requirements
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Starting March 1, 2023 carriers will require Harmonized System Terrif (HS or HTS) Code for all EU-bound goods. Failure to provide a valid HTS Code will be considered non-compliant and could result in fines, penalties, delivery delays, rejections (returned), or parcel destruction.

Per the EU “Guidance on acceptable and unacceptable terms for the description of goods”, vague item descriptions on customs forms such as “gifts,” “clothing,” “electronics,” and even “none” will no longer be considered an acceptable description.” (“Gifts” may be a trigger word to some sellers since international customers often demand marketplace sellers lie on customs forms to indicate the item is a gift in an attempt to avoid paying customs duties and taxes).

We encourage our clients to reach out to their vendors and manufacturers who should be able to provide HS codes for your products. However, you can also view HTS codes provided by the United States International Trade Commission here. There are very important documents provided, and we encourage our clients to review “General Notes; General Rules of Interpretation; General Statistical Notes to develop a better understanding of this requirement.

For most of our clients who sell clothing, please review “Section XI: Textile and Textile Articles” chapters 61-63. PDF downloads are available, but you may also choose to utilize their HTS Search feature. An example of HTS code formatting is below, provided by UPS.

Please note: while HTS codes have been an optional field for item creation, Amplifier will enforce this within the next coming weeks.

Manual editing is possible within the platform, but clients may find it easier to export all items from their catalog, add/update ‘HTSCodes’ in column “U”, then reimport their items in order to update in bulk.

Lastly, Shopify created a thorough guide as well on 2/17/2023 which can be found here if you did not receive it as a Shopify client or use another E-Commerce platform.

If you have any questions, please email Amplifier Client Service at

This content provides general information to merchants who import goods through US Customs and is for informational purposes only. Export classification systems change often and without notice. You are responsible for reviewing and using this information appropriately.

Per Amplifier policies linked below, Amplifier will not be liable for product loss due to lack of or incorrect HTS assignment for client items.

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