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Can I Offer Personalized Items To My Customers?
Can I Offer Personalized Items To My Customers?

Selling Individually Customized Print-on-Demand Goods

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You can offer personalized products at scale via Amplifier On-Demand.

You have two options, each explained below:

  • Personalize via Art (“PvA”): Provide a link to Print-ready Art for every item sold, or

  • Personalize via Text (“PvT”): Provide plain text for every item sold.

For each option:

  • A Pro account is required.

  • You are responsible for the UI and presentation in your shop / front-end.

  • In your shop and order data feed, you will reference Amplifier's canonical blank SKUs and provide Amplifier the personalization details as item-level data.

Personalize via Art

Amplifier's robust API allows clients to deliver personalized, high-resolution, print-ready art assets directly along with Order data.

You should review:

  • this case study about a great Ubisoft project.

  • our API, especially as pertains to Order Line Item Asset Attributes -- this is how you direct Amplifier On-Demand to the right art to print for each item.

Per the Amplifier API, you will provide a url in your order data feed as an Order Line Item Asset Attribute.

  • You must deliver print-ready art per the template for each product, e.g. a Mug, T-shirt, 12x18 Poster, etc. 

  • You may retrieve these templates via the Designs section of your Amplifier account.

  • The art you provide should be 300 dpi background art with NO Partial Transparency, saved as a PNG. Read here for more info.

  • You will reveal the size and location of the art by its placement within the template for each product. For example, the template for t-shirt art is 14x16, so, if you want your art printed 3x3, centered, and aligned to the top of the print area, you must place your art within the 14x16 print area appropriately.

Contact Amplifier Client Service for details at

Personalize Via Text

First, prepare your Designs.

  • Create a Print-on-Demand Design with the variable-text portion of the art not present. Watch this video for help creating a Design. SKUs will be generated automatically.

  • You can find the art specs (print area, etc) as well as templates for each product (e.g. T-shirt, Mug, Sticker) in the Builder inside the Designs section of your Amplifier account.

  • The art you provide should be 300 dpi background art with NO Partial Transparency, saved as a PNG. Read here for more info.

  • Once you have created the Design as directed above, email and include a link to the Print-on-Demand design in your Amplifier account + a mockup that shows example variable text present, including the font as well as font size and font color + the font file.

Second, prepare your Order Data Feed.

Shopify merchants have two choices for transmitting the variable-text via your order data feed:

method 1: Product Options App

  • Install the [Product Options Shopify app by Bold] and share the product option name with so that Amplifier can complete setup. 

  • This app can be used to specify either variable text using non-free-form text collection (like drop-down or radio-button selections), or free-form text with a character limit. 

  • You can and should set a prospective character limit in the app settings so entries will fit your Design.

  • Amplifier Client Service can also help you configure the Product Options app in your store for your personalized products. Once you have installed the app, let us know if you need help or have questions. 

method 2: use Shopify Line Item Properties without an app

Third, place a Test Order:

  • Ship it to yourself.

  • After you receive the shipment, email with any feedback.

Fourth, launch!

If you would like to Personalize with an order source that is not Shopify (e.g. another ecommerce platform, or Amplifier Campaigns, or a Crowdfunding Campaign), email, and our Client Service team will assist.

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