Please share the Amplifier Routing Guide with any of your third-party suppliers.

To store your inventory at Amplifier, you will need at least the Standard Plan, which has a subscription fee of $100 per month.

You will pay for Storage of your inventory at the rate of $15 per pallet (and pallet equivalent) per month + $1 per month per stocked-goods SKU. Amplifier pallets are usually 48" x 40" x 50" tall. "Pallet equivalent storage" simply means that not all of your inventory will be stored in cases stacked on pallets. For every SKU you keep in stocked-goods storage (i.e. this doesn't apply to On-Demand goods), Amplifier will have a fixed location in the forward pick area, basically bins on shelves. We roll up all the space required for pallets and bins holding your inventory and assess storage charges accordingly.

The layout and method of storage of your inventory will be set up at Amplifier’s sole discretion to facilitate warehousing and fulfillment. While your pallets will likely start out entirely full, they will not remain so over time as Amplifier moves inventory from pallets in Overflow to shelves in Forward Pick. Your future deliveries of inventory, though, will likely help to “top off” your existing pallet locations because Amplifier may stock more than one SKU on a given pallet. If partial pallets or non-palletized cases of new inventory arrive, they will generally be added to existing pallets first, if possible. Every pallet in our warehouse should contain inventory from only one client.

Only stocked-inventory SKUs stored at Amplifier are charged SKU Support fees. These fees do not apply to On-Demand Products.

Storage and SKU Support Fees are assessed daily and invoiced periodically.

Long Term Storage

Amplifier is not a facility built to store non-moving or ultra low-velocity inventory.  In keeping with industry best practices, Amplifier performs an annual assessment of client inventory to identify excessive quantities of non-moving inventory. In such instances, you would have three options:

  • Ship the non-moving inventory to yourself
  • Ship the non-moving inventory to a different storage facility
  • leave it at Amplifier under a Long Term Storage Rate of $50/month/pallet.
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