What is a Drop-in?
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A Drop-in is a small, light, flat item that is included one per shipment for every shipment. Typically, Drop-ins are either small stickers or postcards. Only one item per shipment may be considered a Drop-in.

To qualify as a Drop-in, the item:

  • must be no larger than 8.5" x 5.5" x 0.125" (L x W x H);

  • must weigh no more than 0.02 lbs;

  • will be included one per shipment in every eligible shipment;

  • cannot ship by itself; that is, a Drop-in always accompanies other items in a shipment;

  • can ship in any shipping container and cannot have an impact on containerization;

  • does not hold up shipments; that is, if inventory runs out of a particular Drop-in, shipments will continue to ship without them, and the Drop-in program will be suspended until the item is restocked by our Client or its supplier of that item.

Drop-ins also:

  • require unique SKUs;

  • are tracked in inventory;

  • appear on packing slips;

  • are subject to any applicable Receiving, Storage, and SKU Support Fees;

  • cannot be included in poster tubes.

How do I set an item as a Drop-in?

  1. Create the Item in my.amplifier;

  2. Visit https://my.amplifier.com/settings/options/promotions to configure your Drop-in for automated inclusion in your orders.

Other Promotional Items

You may also add other (non-Drop-in) items to your shipments as promotions. These items will be considered picked items subject to normal fulfillment fees.ย 

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